I have a new pair of socks! Soft yarn, but becomes fuzzy on the heels after one day’s wear.

Widdershins socks from Knitty

Pattern: Widdershins from Knitty, summer 2006
Design: Brooke Chenowth Creel
Yarn: 100 % merino wool, Koigu KPPPM
Yarn source: Purl Soho
Needles: 3 mm dpns
Started: March 20 2011
Finished: September 2 2012
Modifications: None

Autumn colours

Socks and cat
Vincent wanted to be in the photo

Socks and cat

Happy knitting!


September Socks

Welcome to Autumn! The best season of all begins now.

What could be more suitable when the air turns chilly and leaves begin to turn than a pair of wooly socks? As with so many of my projects, I begun these a long time ago, in March 2011, but considering the autumnal palette, they really suit the season. I’m not a converted toe-up sock knitter (yet, at least), but I like that the heel is very similar to a heel made with top-down knitting. I don’t like beginning at the toe, though. I think it’s fiddly. I’ll probably continue to knit socks both top-down and toe-up.

Autumnal socks, Widdershins in Koigu

Despite loving the colours in the yarn I’ve used, I’m really not that fond of variegated yarn in general. I prefer solids. Especially when using a pattern that calls for lace or cables or other pattern elements that might get lost when using variegated yarns. That’s why I’ve chosen to knit these using a very plain pattern, just simple stocking stitch, nothing fancy. Just letting the colours do the job.

Anyway, I’ve almost finished the pair, so I will soon be able to show you a FO! I actually have two more FO’s to show you, the fingerless mittens and the striped scarf that I worked on earlier this year. I just haven’t had the energy to take pictures, but I promise I’ll do that soon.

Meanwhile, happy knitting!