Winter is coming (sorry – couldn’t help it)

I’m not one for knitting with cotton or other plant based materials. I see their benefits, but I find it hard to come to terms with how they feel in my hands.

I like wool. So I knit with wool. All year round. Since I am of the opinion that one can never have too many mittens, scarfs or hats, I’ve knit a knew hat. And a pair of mittens. I wanted something plain and useful (sounds boring, I know) that lets the fabric and the wool speak for itself. So even though the patterns are simple enough, I think the finished garments turned out quite pretty.


Pattern: Luva from Sticka mössor, vantar, sockor!
Design: Ann-Marie Nilsson
Yarn: Ullcentrum 2-trådigt. I think the coulourway is called “Gråmelerad”
Yarn source: I think it was a gift from mum
Needles: 2,75 mm
Started: 11 April 2015
Finished: 26 April 2015 (although I blocked it only a few weeks ago)
Modifications: Since the yarn I used is a bit thicker than the one recommended, I made it slightly smaller to fit my head. It is still fairly loose, but I hope that won’t be a problem in winter. My ears hurt when exposed to wind and cold air, so I really need hats that fit snugly around the ears.



After I finished this I wanted a pair of matching mittens.

Enkla herrvantar


As you can see from this photo, the colour of the yarn changes slightly so the mittens are not the exact same shade of grey.

Enkla herrvantar

Pattern: Enkla herrvantar from Varmt och stickat
Design: Eva Trotzig
Yarn: Ullcentrum 2-trådigt. I think the coulourway is called “Gråmelerad”
Yarn source: I think it was a gift from mum
Needles: 3 mm dpns
Started: 12 May 2015
Finished: 30 July 2015
Modifications: I didn’t care for the decreases in the pattern, so I just altered them to suit my taste. I also made them slightly smaller to accomodate my hands, since the pattern is written up to fit a man’s hands. Unfortunately, the pattern is not very well written, and even the easiest instructions are made confusing. I really can’t recommend it. I do like the detail around the wrists, though. There are many other well written patterns in the book, and I can whole-heartedly recommend the book as a whole.

So! New grey wolly things – I am prepared for winter…

Sheep heid

I’m very happy with this lovely fair isle tam. The design is by Kate Davies, one of my favourite knitwear designers. This is the first project by her design I have completed, but I love her stuff and I want to knit almost everything by her!

Sheep heid

Pattern: Sheep Heid from Kate Davies Design
Design: Kate Davies
Yarn: Jamieson & Smith Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight
Yarn source: Jamieson & Smith (Shetland Wool Brokers)
Needles: 2,75 mm and 3 mm, circular and dpns
Started: 22 September 2014
Finished: 18 January 2015
Modifications: None

Sheep heid

I’ve had the yarn in my stash for quite some time. Emmy and I bought a kit from Jamieson & Smith together and split the yarn between us, since one skein of each shade is more than enough for two tams. Emmy finished hers a long time ago! I’m a bit slower…

I think it turned out quite well, and I really do enjoy fair isle knitting. The pattern was easy to follow and the instructions clear.

Sheep heid

The yarn is a little scratchier than I expected, even after washing and blocking. But it doesn’t bother me that much, I’m not very sensitive. What I really love about the Shetland Supreme Jumper Weight is that none of the shades are dyed. They’re all the natural shades of the fleeces of the shetland sheep. And there are nine different shades in this tam. Beautiful.

The snow is all but gone now, very sad indeed. I hope winter will return before it’s time for spring.

Happy knitting!


Finishing the Coraline gloves was very encouraging, so I wanted another quick fix. I browsed my old Rowan magazines and decided upon a simple hat with stripes and a bobble.

I went through my stash and found some Rowan DK Soft I once found in the the sale bin at a LYS. Not the type of yarn I would go for these days, but nice enough. I had some left over Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a lovely petrol blue shade that went really well with the DK Soft, et voilá! A hat!

Bobble hat

Bobble hat

Pattern: Bobble from Rowan no 34
Design: Kim Hargreaves
Yarn: Rowan DK Soft & Rowan Kidsilk Haze (used double)
Yarn source: Wincent
Needles: 3 mm & 3,75 mm circulars
Started: 17 August 2014
Finished: 26 Augusti 2014
Modifications: Knitted circular instead of flat

Bobble hat

I feel like knitting more hats now, we’ll see what’s up next.

Rikke Hat

We visited Iceland this year during our summer vacation. What a magical place! I will tell you more about that later. However, the average temperature in Iceland in July is usually around 13 degrees celsius with rain, so I decided to knit myself a new hat in preparation for the journey. I wanted to use my Rowanspun tweed yarn and browsed ravelry quite extensivly before deciding upon a very plain and simple hat that would show off the texture of the yarn.

I came upon many images of the Rikke hat, but didn’t decide upon that pattern until I saw Pinneguri‘s. Hers is just like the others, but I suppose it looked so good on her, I wanted one for myself.

Nice and slouchy
Nice and slouchy

The pattern is available free online and it’s super easy to knit. I love mine and actually wear it around the house because it’s so comfortable and cosy.

Hat in Rowanspun DK
Hat in Rowanspun DK

Pattern: Rikke Hat from Happy Knits
Design: Sarah Young
Yarn: Rowan‘s Rowanspun DK (discontinued)
Yarn source: Wincent
Needles: 3,5 mm and 4,5 mm circular
Started: 17 June 2013
Finished: 8 July 2013
Modifications: None

Out whale watching
Out whale watching

I’ll tell you more about trip to Iceland later! Happy knitting!

My second 10K race

Today was another great day outdoors. It was time for a 10K race at the outskirts of Stockholm, Hässelbyloppet. This was my second 10K race and I managed to improve my time by eight minutes from last year! I’m very pleased with my result, but will work at improving my time even further.

jag och sofie
My best friend Sofie and me before the race

I can’t be certain of course, but I don’t think that there were many runners there today who wore hand knit hats and hand knit gloves. In wool. But I did. Fair Isle gloves none the less!

Happy knitting! And running.