Inspiration Outdoors or AMOCP#4

A Month of Craft Photos, Day 4. Inspiration Outdoors.

A snowy and sunny day

I was incredibly busy on Saturday since we had the family and some friends over. The weather was glorious and I was a bit miffed about not having the time to go outside. I did shoot the above photo through our bedroom window, though.

I find a lot of inspiration from nature, plants and trees and birds. But most of all from the weather. Especially rain and snow. I have lots of ideas inspired by the weather, but they’re still on the drawing board. Perhaps they’ll materialise, perhaps not.

Frosty night
Same view, with frost

I don’t know if you can see it, but on this photo the tree and the bushes are covered with frost. It’s the same view as above, as you can see, but this photo was taked at about 0:30 in the morning on the 5th.

A challenge!

I normally never join in on any KIPs anymore, those are usually the total death of creativity to me, but this is a challenge I think I can go for! Andi over at Untangling Knots has created the “A Month of Craft Photos” challenge! The idea is to challenge one self to be more creative about ones craft photos and to take a photo for every day accordning to the theme of the day. Read more about it on her blog. I think it sounds really interesting! I’m gonna give it a go, anyone else up for it?