Last days of Christmas holiday

I had grands plans for this Christmas holiday. Lots of good food, family, friends, christmas decorations and all that stuff, of course. But I was also going to study for my next exam. I had also planned on some mending. Replacing a broken zipper, replacing the edge of a sleeve on my favourite dress. Darning some socks.

I did do the food and decorations and family and friends bit (not as much as planned, but some of it), but this awful cold drained me of most of my energy, which means that I haven’t studied at all except for about an hour and I haven’t mended a single thing.

Work starts on Tuesday again, and I thought I might do some studying now that I’m better (but still not well). But after careful consideration I’ve decided not to. I want to savour these last two days of the holidays and only do nice things. It might be stupid, and it means I will have to do a loy of studying in the evenings during the next two weeks (not to mention next weekend) and I might not do as well on the exam as I could have, but there it is.

So, I spent the morning blocking the finished pieces of my cardigan (I’m still working on the sleeves):

Blocking my red cardigan
Yes, the tree is still there!

And then I had lunch:

Homemade bread, cheese and pickled onion sandwich pickle

Vincent tried to rip out the pins so I asked Laban to guard my knitting

Laban is guarding my knitting
Good kitty

Which turned out to be exhausting work.

...and it is exhausting work
Tired kitty

I’m gonna spend the rest of the day knitting.

That is all.


Second mitt is quicker

For some reason knitting the second mitt is a lot quicker. Probably because I already know what to do with it. I made a lot of modifications to the original pattern, and figuring these out and making notes on them obviously slowed my knitting progress on the first mitt.

Second mitt
Progress on second mitt

I’ve even begun the flap that will cover the fingers. Another reason why this is going fairly quickly is that I’ve spent a good portion of the post-New Year holiday knitting. Knitting and listening to old episodes of Cast On. I never get tired of Brenda, she’s so smart and witty and and funny! The production of the podcast is really fantastic. If you haven’t discovered her podcast yet – I strongly urge you to check it out! And listen to the them in the correct order – that makes it even more enjoyable. I’m so glad that she’s still doing it after over six years of podcasting. I have some favourite episodes and themes, I’ll probably get back to you on that later.

Another way to make my knitting run smoothly is to have a snoring cat on my lap. And belive me – he snores loudly!

Snoring cat
Laban asleep – and snoring – on my lap
I really hope to finish these mittens this week so I can get back to some of my other projects. And perhaps start a new one.