Make Do and Mend, part 3

A few years ago, back in 2007, I bought a whole lot of Noro Silk Garden to knit a huge shawl.

lady eleanor entrelac stole
The Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

The so called entrelac technique was fun at first but quickly became boring.

Lady Eleanor horse blanket
I knitted about… half, I think

I finally realised I will never finish it and decided to rip it out.

Washed yarn
Washed yarn hung up to dry

And I’m now turning it into a cardigan!

Cardigan in progress
And it’s almost finished!

Happy knitting!


Back on track


Ok, I’m back! After the frogging incident, I’ve now progressed beyond the row where I started ripping it out. There is hope. I might actually finish this thing. Feels good! However, I just can’t stay true to a project. Yesterday, during a True Blood marathon, I swatched. I’ll show you later.



Remember my last post? Well, that pleasing feeling of accomplishment I expressed is now gone with the wind. I forgot to knit the bloody button band! Welcome to the frog pond.



I’ve finished the back on my Slacker Cardigan and am now working on the first front. This is the first time I’ve knitted pockets. Pockets are useful and I’ve decided that all cardigans I knit from now on must have pockets. They’re essential at work, since I always carry my mobile and my key card with me at all times.

I have wardrobe issues

I am so tired of my clothes. I can hardly find anything I like in my wardrobe. I seem to be wearing the same clothes day after day. I need a new style. I need new dresses. I need new shoes. I need new cardigans. Luckily for me, I know how to knit. That’s why I’ve decided to start a new project. I have some lovely, beautiful, red yarn (100% wool of course) that I bought in Tallinn, Estonia, last winter. It is now being transformed into a cardigan.

red wool
Red wool from Tallinn

I’m using a pattern called Yangtze Cardigan by Courtney Kelley from a book called Vintage Modern Knits. The book was a birthday present from my husband. He knows me so well! I’m calling this cardigan My Slacker Cardigan because I need a cardigan I can wear with any of the t-shirts I have in my (growing) collection of very cool t-shirts. I have a thing for cool t-shirts. And when I wear My Very Cool T-shirts I feel like a slacker (in the cool sense of the word. If there is one. Otherwise I’m just being pathetic). Hence the name My Slacker Cardigan.

I’ve made a couple of swatches.

Swatch detail
Swatching with red yarn

As it turns out, I can’t even get gauge with 2,5 mm needles, and I don’t want to knit the whole cardigan using 2 mm needles, so I’m following the pattern for a smaller size. According to my calculations, it should turn out fine.

When it’s finished, I’ll show you some of my Very Cool T-shirts. That is, I think they’re cool. You might not agree.

Another swatch photo

It’s really difficult to take a decent photo, the colour comes out best in the first photo with the yarn.

So, all I need to do now is knit like crazy (I’ve knitted about 15 cm of the back so far) and go shopping for new clothes.