Birthday presents

I recieved these lovely birthday presents from my husband a few weeks ago.

Birthday presents
Knitting book, Harris Tweed headphones by Urbanears and book about Harris Tweed

He knows me so well.


Inspiring mystery

I am extremely fond of Britsh period drama and the three episode mystery set in 1950’s London, The Bletchley Circle, is no exeption. The story itself is a murder mystery and perfectly alright, not extremely exciting, but still good. But the best things are the actors (especially Anna Maxwell Martin whom I’ve been a big fan of since I first saw her appearance in Bleak House), the environments and perhaps above all THE CLOTHES!

Bletchley Circle 5
The code breaking, brilliant women in The Bletchley Circle

Almost every scene has some absolutely lovely knitwear. Jumpers, cardigans, vests or simply just wonderfully stylish clothes. The story is set in the early 50’s but many of the characters are wearing a bit out-dated and plain clothes due to the rationing that still was in effect, but it’s just to my taste.

Bletchley Circle 4
Anna Maxwell Martin as Susan in The Bletchley Circle

The story centers around a serial killer on the loose in London and four brilliant women, who used to work as code breakers during WWII at Bletchley Park, decide upon trying to catch the killer by using their experience from their work during the war and their sharp intellects.

Bletchley Circle 6
Short sleeved 1940’s jumper

I don’t think there will be any more episodes, and I actually hope this was a one off because I think it would be difficult to continue with the story without it losing it’s credibility.

Bletchley Circle 1
Cardigans galore!

Bletchley Circle 3
A plain but stylish vest

Well, I’m off to search my 40’s and 50’s patterns for upcoming projects!

Happy knitting!

Like something out of a TOAST catalogue

Never let me go is a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro that came out in 2005. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I keep coming back to it, thinking about it.

From the film Never Let Me Go

Mark Romanek turned it into a film in 2010 but I never got around to watching it back then. I bought the dvd a few months ago and finally watched it. Romanek’s adaptation of the book is beautiful and haunting and captured the mood and the essence of the novel very well, I think.

From the film Never Let Me Go

On ravelry there’s a group dedicated to knit spotting in films, As Seen in the Movies, and since NLMG features a lot of knitwear it naturally recieved some attention. Someone commented on it and said that it was as if a TOAST catalogue had come to life. I agree!

Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan in the film Never Let Me Go

I love the earthy tones and simple style.

knightley garfield mulligan in NEVER LET ME GO
Kiera Knightley, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan

From the film Never Let Me Go

From the film Never Let Me Go

From the film Never Let Me Go

From the film Never Let Me Go

From the film Never Let Me Go

Carey Mulligan in the film Never Let Me Go

From the film Never Let Me Go

From the film Never Let Me Go

The fingerless wool mittens I’m knitting right now, Twig, are actually directly inspired by the film. Not that anyone in it wears anything similar, but my choice of colour and style is inspired by it.

Fingerless mittens
First mittens finished, need to weave in ends.

Grey cowl. And a new coat.

Today has been a beautiful autumn day. Stefan I and walked over to Norra begravningsplatsen (The Northern Cemetary) which is one of the largest cemetaries in and around Stockholm. It opened in 1827 and about 30 000 people are buried there. My paternal grandparents are buried there along with some of my other relatives. It’s a very beautiful and quiet place. I love going there, especially in the autumn, to experience the atmosphere and to reflect upon memories of loved ones.

I took the opportunity to take pictures of my most recent FO in this beautiful spot.

Grey cowl
Cable knit cowl

Pattern: 123-14 Neck warmer with cables and textured pattern from Drops Design 123
Design: Garnstudio Drops Design
Yarn: 100 % Romney Cross Wool from Edge of Yonder Farms
Yarn source: Saratoga Needle Arts, Saratoga Springs, NY
Needles: 4 mm and 4,5 mm circular needles
Started: 1 October 2012
Finished: 7 October 2012
Modifications: I wasn’t sure I had enough yarn, so I made the ribbing at the bottom a shorter.

Finished cowl and new coat
A very loose cowl and a new coat

I think I blocked it a little too heavily, it’s very loose now. I’ll probably wash it again and just let it dry flat without pinning it.

Tossing leaves is not as easy as it may seem
Tossing leaves is not as easy as it may seem

New coat <em></em>and cowl
Autumn at the cemetary

I’m completely in love with my new coat from nygårdsanna! I’m ready for winter. And. It’s made from Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed coat
Harris Tweed coat from nygårdsanna

Many trees still have a lot of green leaves, which means that I can look forward to at least another month of autumn before winter arrives. I love winter, too, but autumn has always been my favourite season. The mood, the colours and the earthy smells.

Happy knitting!

I have wardrobe issues

I am so tired of my clothes. I can hardly find anything I like in my wardrobe. I seem to be wearing the same clothes day after day. I need a new style. I need new dresses. I need new shoes. I need new cardigans. Luckily for me, I know how to knit. That’s why I’ve decided to start a new project. I have some lovely, beautiful, red yarn (100% wool of course) that I bought in Tallinn, Estonia, last winter. It is now being transformed into a cardigan.

red wool
Red wool from Tallinn

I’m using a pattern called Yangtze Cardigan by Courtney Kelley from a book called Vintage Modern Knits. The book was a birthday present from my husband. He knows me so well! I’m calling this cardigan My Slacker Cardigan because I need a cardigan I can wear with any of the t-shirts I have in my (growing) collection of very cool t-shirts. I have a thing for cool t-shirts. And when I wear My Very Cool T-shirts I feel like a slacker (in the cool sense of the word. If there is one. Otherwise I’m just being pathetic). Hence the name My Slacker Cardigan.

I’ve made a couple of swatches.

Swatch detail
Swatching with red yarn

As it turns out, I can’t even get gauge with 2,5 mm needles, and I don’t want to knit the whole cardigan using 2 mm needles, so I’m following the pattern for a smaller size. According to my calculations, it should turn out fine.

When it’s finished, I’ll show you some of my Very Cool T-shirts. That is, I think they’re cool. You might not agree.

Another swatch photo

It’s really difficult to take a decent photo, the colour comes out best in the first photo with the yarn.

So, all I need to do now is knit like crazy (I’ve knitted about 15 cm of the back so far) and go shopping for new clothes.


I’ve already started, but the party doesn’t really begin before you’re all here. Welcome to my new blog! There will still be lots of knitting happening here of course, but I will also post about other things I like, books, films, style, food, travel and other stuff. I really hope that you will like it here, too.

Fashion of the 1910’s

Right now I’m very much into the fashion from almost 100 years ago. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Downton Abbey lately.

downtown abbey
Downton Abbey

There’s a wonderful online shop that sells reproductions of vintage knitting and crochet patterns, Iva Rose, and I’ve had my eye on quite a few of them for some time but haven’t yet bought any. Soon, though… Here are the pattern booklets from 1916-1920. This is an interesting one from 1917.