I’ve been afflicted with a string of bad colds this winter. It started in November and I think this is the fifth installment of The Cold That Will Not Give In. I visited my GP yesterday and there was blood drawn and snot sampled, which  hopefully will tell me if I need antibiotics or if my body is lacking in any other way (iron, or what have you).

Anyway, I felt better today, and the spring-like weather encouraged me to venture outdoors. I went for a short walk to Vasaparken, a nearby park, where children were frollicing on the ice (with skates on) and riding toboggans down the small slope. I was not just a little bit envious…


The miniature golf course was still covered with snow.

Snowcovered miniature golf course

When I got back, I treated myself to a snack. Finncrisp (one of my favourite crisp breads) with cheese from Väddö farm dairy (this particular cheese is called Fogdö is flavoured with fenugreek) and my favourite ginger beer.

Afternoon snack

I think the fresh air did me good, I feel a lot better now (probably in combination with medications and vitamins) and I’ll probably go back to work tomorrow.

Trekantssjal med spetskant

But for now, I’ll get back to my knitting, which I will tell you more about next time…


8 thoughts on “Recovering

    1. Thank you! And same here, I really enjoy your blog and all the lovely snowy pictures! 🙂 Yes, Kate is fab, I’m already planning which of her patterns I will go for next. The new Owligan is a strong contender. 😉

      1. Yes, if there was only nothing else to do, I could be quite happy sitting through the winter knitting all of Kate Davies designs in several colorways. I’ll plan on spinning a yarn weight just for some of her designs. More snow to come here in the North of Maine….that’s o.k. by me. I love winter and the chance to be still and tend to some of the more creative sides to life. Almost anything and everything wool suits me just fine.

  1. Roligt att se din sjal växa fram. Jag planerar att sticka den och dina bilder ger mej verkligen en extra kick att komma igång.

    Det är så vilsamt med enkla modeller i väl valda garner och jag tycker att Eva Trotzigs och Erika Åbergs böcker är underbara. Jag tröttnar aldrig på att sticka Rönnhalsduken från boken Varmt & stickat och jag har gjort flera stycken i Färgkraft-garn! Har alltid en på gång för pendling och stunder när jag har svårt att koncentrera mej på något annat. Ren njutning!

    Ser mycket fram mot Erikas kommande bok.

    Glad påsk!

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