Lazy Sunday

August. Late summer. The light changes. It’s still warm, but there is a hint of the autumn that soon will be upon us. I want everyday to be a lazy Sunday in late August.

Lemon curd muffins

I like to spend it with freshly made lemon curd muffins and tea.

Rikke Hat

We visited Iceland this year during our summer vacation. What a magical place! I will tell you more about that later. However, the average temperature in Iceland in July is usually around 13 degrees celsius with rain, so I decided to knit myself a new hat in preparation for the journey. I wanted to use my Rowanspun tweed yarn and browsed ravelry quite extensivly before deciding upon a very plain and simple hat that would show off the texture of the yarn.

I came upon many images of the Rikke hat, but didn’t decide upon that pattern until I saw Pinneguri‘s. Hers is just like the others, but I suppose it looked so good on her, I wanted one for myself.

Nice and slouchy
Nice and slouchy

The pattern is available free online and it’s super easy to knit. I love mine and actually wear it around the house because it’s so comfortable and cosy.

Hat in Rowanspun DK
Hat in Rowanspun DK

Pattern: Rikke Hat from Happy Knits
Design: Sarah Young
Yarn: Rowan‘s Rowanspun DK (discontinued)
Yarn source: Wincent
Needles: 3,5 mm and 4,5 mm circular
Started: 17 June 2013
Finished: 8 July 2013
Modifications: None

Out whale watching
Out whale watching

I’ll tell you more about trip to Iceland later! Happy knitting!

Linnae Pullover

I happened upon this jumper when I was browsing ravelry (of course) and that oh-so-familiar desire came over me. I must knit that! I wants it… My precious…

Linnae pullover
Linnae Pullover

Pattern: Linnae Pullover from Quince & Co.
Design: Bristol Ivy
Yarn: Pure Shetland Wool (main colour) and 3-ply wool from Kampes (dots)
Yarn source: Wool (shetland yarn) and Marias garn (Kampes)
Needles: 3,0 mm, 3,25 mm, 3,5 mm and 3,75 mm
Started: 2 March 2013
Finished: 19 May 2013
Modifications: Couldn’t really figure out the neck ribbing instructions so I just went with intuition and it worked out great. Apparently I’m not the only one on ravelry who didn’t understand the instructions, so I don’t feel bad about it. Other than that, no mods.

I’m completely in love with it! I wear it a lot (weather permitting, it’s been so hot lately and the need for wool minimal). I’m also completely in love with the yarn (main colour), I will tell you more about this yarn in an upcoming post, but I can assure you that it’s very soft and comfortable without loosing any of that wooly feeling.

Linnae pullover
A bit more detail

Quince & Co. have loads of really nice designs, I’m sure I will knit more of their stuff in the future.

Linnae pullover
Side view

If you’re unfamiliar with Bristol Ivy’s design, I suggest that you checkout her design page on ravelry. She also has a blog.

Linnae pullover
Raglan decreases. Sorry about the picture!

Happy knitting!

Summer in the city

I’ve been neglecting this space for quite some time now, but I intend to change that. I haven’t really felt like blogging much lately, but I really think that’s about to change. I have been knitting quite a lot, though, and I have a couple of finished projects that I want to share with you. But not today.

go for a swim

I’m enjoying my summer vacation immensely and I wish it could last much longer that it will. But it’s not over yet! Yesterday we headed off to the other side of town to a place called Vinterviken (literally “winter bay”) on the outskirts of the city proper where there is a lovely garden café next to an alotment area.

The garden café at Vinterviken

We enjoyed our lunch at the café along with some ale from the fairly new micro brewery Skebo Bruksbryggeri located in Skebobruk in the northern part of the province of Uppland.

Triple Gold from Skebo Bruksbryggeri

Sometimes I wish I had a proper camera, these mobile images doesn’t do the garden justice.

in bloom



summer flowers

close up





purplish pink


I brought my knitting along only to discover I hadn’t brought enough yarn!

not enough yarn
A bit annoying

Our timing couldn’t have been better, just when we’d finished our lunch it started to rain. We headed off for the underground. Luckily it wasn’t very heavy, and we the trees along the path sheltered us for the most part.

Rain on lake Trekanten


Small brook running down to the lake

Path along the lake

It was a lovely little excursion all in all. Later last night the rain came down quite heavily and we got quite a bit of thunder as well. Wonderful! We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening sorting out our spare room which is intended to be a place for me to sit and knit and sow but has increasingly become a place where we put all of that stuff we don’t know what to do with. We’re almost completely done now with the sorting and cleaning and it looks wonderful! I’m actually looking forward to the arrival of autumn, when I can sit there in my favourite chair with my knitting, a cup of tea and a cat on my lap listening to the radio or a podcast. But I’m not done with summer yet! I promise you that.

See you soon!