Make Do and Mend, part 4

Ok, I already know this, but some yarn isn’t suitable some types of garments. The Widdershins socks I finished in September last year turned out really lovely, but they’re already worn thin. I used them perhaps twice in my boots, even though I knew that 100% merino really isn’t suitable for that kind of wear. It only made them slightly fuzzy on the back of the heel, but I decided only to wear them indoors after that. Sans shoes.

I washed them. By hand. They stretched like mad and became too big for my feet. I gave them Stefan who has worn them quite a lot. Indoors. Sans shoes. They’re now worn thin on the bottom of the heels and under the ball of the foot. I noticed the other day that they were dangerously close to developing a hole.

Make do and mend
Time for some mending!

I realized that I don’t have enought Koigu left to mend all weak areas. I have to find another yarn with similar thickness. But I managed to prevent a hole where the sock looked really bad.

Make do and mend
It looks a bit funny, but they’ll now last a bit longer

I have at least four pairs of hand-knitted socks with holes in them. I really must learn how to darn. And not use Koigu KPPPM for socks.

Happy knitting!


2 thoughts on “Make Do and Mend, part 4

  1. jag sliter också ut dom sockar jag stickar. men till skillnad från dig så slänger jag dom när dom inte längre går att använda. som jag ser det är det en anledning till att sticka flera:)

    att dom slits ut så fort är ju en stor missräkning. man förväntar ju sig att dom skall hålla lite längre än ett par gånger! du har verkligen lagat dom jättefint! för det är klart att man vill använda sina sockar så länge som möjligt:)

    jag har läst på flera bloggar att det finns videos på youtube som visar hur man lagar sockar, så att dom ser ut som nya:)

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