Ribbed socks

Brown, ribbed socks are finished.

Brown socks
Woolly socks

Pattern: Lichen Ribbed Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks
Design: Nancy Bush
Yarn: BC Shetlandsuld, 100% wool
Yarn source: Litet nystan
Needles: 2 mm and 2,5 mm dpns
Started: 2 December2012
Finished: 20 January 2013
Modifications: I made them slightly bigger to accomodate Stefan’s feet. Instead of 60 sts, I cast on 68 sts. Because of this I had too many stitches to make the star toe so I made a regular flat toe instead.

To prevent wear on the heel flap, I made some reinforcements.

Reinforcing heel flap
Reinforcing the inside of the heel flap

Brown socks
Ribbed socks

Brown socks

Stefan was very happy to recieve warm socks now when we have a really cold winter.

Happy knitting!


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