Winter arrived rather early, we had snow almost through December here in Stockholm (unfortunately most of it has melted away now) and it was quite cold for several weeks. Stefan (who enjoys winter as much as I do) commented on the fact that he didn’t have enough warm sock for the season. Well, I like knitting socks and decided to put my cardigan aside for a while (those large needles are efficient, but not very enjoyable to knit with) and cast on for a pair of socks (on small needles!).

Vincent and knitting
It’s difficult to take a photo of something on the floor without a cat in the way

My favourite sock book is Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush (so far, I haven’t tried anything yet from those toe-up sock books I got at Christmas) and I was eager to try one of the patterns I’ve had my eyes on. I didn’t have any sock yarn in a suitable colour, so I decided to use some left over 2-ply wool from Stefans vest.

work in progress
The yarn is indeed brown even though it’s hard to tell in this photo

The yarn is rather dark so I decided on a very plain rib pattern with a welsh heel, the pattern is called Lichen Ribbed Socks. I’d never knit a welsh heel before so even though the sock pattern isn’t much of a challenge, the heel was new to me.

I’ve finished the first sock and I’m now approaching the heel on the second sock.

I’m sorry about the crappy pictures, it’s hard to take decent photos during the winter months.


3 thoughts on “Useful

  1. visst är det roligt att dom flesta katter ser det som sin plikt att vara med på så många foton som möjligt:))

    jag förundras ständigt över alla dessa varianter som finns på hälar. Att fötter och hälar kan vara så olika! Men att lära sig nya saker – det är ju bara roligt:)

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