Make Do and Mend, part 2

I really, really love to knit. I knit almost every day, simply because it’s fun, but also because I like to create someting that I can use. Material is also important of course, I mean, there wouldn’t be much knitting without yarn. I have a lot of yarn. Not as much as some of my friends, but still enough to keep me knitting for at least a couple of years without buying new yarn.

I still do, though. Buy new yarn. It’s hard not to when you come across a lovely wooly, soft hank. But I don’t buy as much yarn as I did a few yars ago. I’ve become more picky. More concerened about quality.

I also have quite a few unfinshed knits. I’ve realized that I will never finish some of them. Some were not that fun to knit. Or I might no longer want the garment.

Well, the best thing to do when you have a UFO that you will never finish is simply to rip it out! Wind the yarn into hanks, wash them gently in tepid water in the sink, hang them up to dry and voilá, new yarn! Without going to the shops.



14 thoughts on “Make Do and Mend, part 2

  1. Lovely colours! And it is so therapeutic to both ditch a UFO (UnFinished Object) and feel very virtuous because you didn’t buy new yarn and start yet another UFO … =D

  2. I’m impressed! It looks like NEW yarn. 🙂
    I still keep a (large) bag of UFOs and I still buy yarn in a higher speed then I knit.

    1. To me, it’s practically a waste of money to keep a UFO unraveled if I know that I’ll never finish it. I really recommend that you consider carefully if you will ever finish those projects or if you could re-use the yarn.

  3. Lovely! Looks like brand new yarn. I’m not afraid of frogging projects I’ve lost interest in either, but I’ve never washed the yarn to make it look like new again. Maybe I should!

    1. I recommend that you do, knitting with curly yarn never turns out good for me. It becomes so much easier to work with if you wash it. At least if it’s a wool yarn, I haven’t tried it with cotton or linen.

  4. I’ve done this to projects that I will never finish, and it always feel good to get rid of the project that is glaring from inside a bag while it is aging, but also to get the yarn back into circulation. Sometimes it goes so much faster to knit up the same project and the same yarn, once they’re paired with better partners.

  5. Ibland undrar jag om det inte hade varit en god idé att garnnördar tittade runt i varandras stashar och bytte till sig något nytt istället för att köpa. Tänker på alla mina udda men fina nystan och härvor som jag ogärna gör mig av med men ärligt talat aldrig använder.

    Men testa köpstopp, det får en att tänka till en hel del.

    Ps. Gillar bloggen! Ds.

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