I also know how to sew

I haven’t done this in a long time. But now I have a fully functioning sewing machine. That makes it a lot easier.

Here we go

latest sewing project
New pillowcases and tablecloth

Pattern: None. Used old pillowcase as template and improvised tablecloth
Design: Me, I guess
Fabric: IKEA
Fabric source: IKEA
Started: 24 june 2012
Finished: 24 june 2012

New pillowcase
Those orange dots really makes the fabric much more interesting

sewing project

Obligatory cat photo


Back on track


Ok, I’m back! After the frogging incident, I’ve now progressed beyond the row where I started ripping it out. There is hope. I might actually finish this thing. Feels good! However, I just can’t stay true to a project. Yesterday, during a True Blood marathon, I swatched. I’ll show you later.