A quick fix

Even thought I try not to, I constantly come back to not being satisfied with only working on my WIP’s. I’ve made some good progress on the striped scarf, the back of the red cardigan is soon finsihed, but I needed something quick. A quick knit. A quick RESULT. I’ve had some light blue Debbie Bliss Merino Aran in my stash since… oh, I don’t know, forever? It just so happened that now is a good time to do something with that. I have 150 grams in my stash.

So, what to knit? Well, I like to think that someone, mostly me, should have a real use for the things I create. So what do I need that doesn’t require more that 150 grams of Merino Aran? Recently, I’ve walked to and from work. It’s a 45 minutes walk one way. Since the weather has been really cold for the last couple of weeks I can’t go outside without mittens. No problems there, I have a lot of different mittens, mostly hand-knitted by me. However, after walking for about 10-15 minutes my hands get really warm and I often take the mittens off. Which leaves my wrists cold. Aha! Ergo – I need fingerless mittens! Warm wrists – cool fingers!

Knitting fingerless mitts
Fingerless mittens in blue

The pattern was easy to choose, it’s by Ann Budd from the book Holiday Knits. I’ve actually had my eye on this pattern for a long time, but never thought I’d have a use for fingerless mitts.

When I first started knitted I wanted to learn something new from each project. I don’t always do that anymore, but I find it very satisfying that with a simple project like this I’m actually doing three things for the first time: short rows in garter stitch, three needle bind-off and a (to me) new way of knitted cast on. Just like that!

I’ve finished the first mitt, and the second one is underway.


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