We’ve come a long, long way together

One stitch at a time, this scarf is growing.

Slacker scarf
Cat toy?

I have a thing for very long scarves.


No, this post is not about natural phenomenon, but about a pair of socks.

Tsunami socks
Tsunami socks

Pattern: Tsunami (ravelry link)
Design: Judy Sumner
Yarn: 100 % wool, Ullcentrum 2-ply
Yarn source: Ängsdesign
Needles: 2,25 & 2,75 mm dpns
Started: January 20 2012
Finished: February 11 2012
Modifications: None

Tsunami socks
Same socks again

Laban & socks
It’s not easy to take pictures with a cuddly cat around one’s feet

I’m very happy with these socks. They’re warm and very pretty. However, the yarn is a little too dark, the cables and knit and purl patterns almost disappeares.