Wurst – mittens with sausages

Finally some photos! Winter really isn’t a good season if you prefer to shoot your knits by daylight. Anyway, here they are! The mittens with sausages!

Wurst mittens
Wurst mittens by Spillyjane

Pattern: Wurst (ravelry link)
Design: spillyjane
Yarn: 100 % wool, Harris Tweed Textlies Shetland 4-ply
Yarn source: Bought it from my friend Tove
Needles: 2,25 mm dpns
Started: November 2 2011
Finished: January 13 11 2012
Modifications: Added thumb wedge, made a different cuff, turned them into gloves without fingertips and made flaps for hand and thumb

Wurst mittens
Instead of making regular mittens, I made these with flaps

Mittens with flip top
This is what they look like when you remove the flap.

Thumb flap
There’s even a thumb flap.

Made in 2011
For more comfortable wear, I added a thumb wedge. I started this project in 2011 and thought it was worth a mention.

These mittens were a gift to my husband. He wears them all the time and appreciates the flaps a lot since he’s not normally fond of mittens but prefer gloves. This way he can have both.


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