The Darkness of the Forest

This past weekend was spent at HV-skolan. It was the fourth class of “The Knitting Journey” (Stickresan) and the topic was Bohus Stickning. We had all pre-ordered kits from SOLsilke that were waiting for us when we arrived. I had decided on two wristwarmer kits (some of the others knitted hats or berets); Skogsmörkret or Forest Darkness (literal translation is The Darkness of the Forest) and Gröna Ängen or The Green Meadow.

Yarn and pattern
Yarn and pattern kit for Skogsmörkret

Bohus knitting is quite complicated, even though I am quite used to knitting with two different strands and colours. Bohus knitting sometimes require three or even four strands on the same row! And – to make it even more complicated – there are both knit and purl stitches. It was a bit fiddly at the beginning, but after a while it went quite smoothly. The yarn used in the kits is a angora/merino blend and is used because it is similar to the yarn used in the original Bohus Stickning garments that were handknitted for the company in the 50’s and 60’s.

Bohus wristwarmers "Skogsmörkret"
Here’s a detail of the knitting in progress

Dispite it’s rather complicated technique, it is pure enjoyment to knit these lovely and incredibly soft little wristwarmers. I’m not one for actually wearing wristwarmers, but it felt like a good Bohus beginner’s project. I’m hooked! I definitely want to knit a whole jumper, the difficlutly now lies in choosing a pattern. They’re all so beautiful! The Green Mist? The Grey Mist? The Wild Apple? Forest Darkness? I can’t decide.

Completed wristwarmer

There is one other thing that is negative about Bohus knitting. It gas to be done by daylight. Or very strong artificial light, which i neither like nor have. There are so many shades of colour, and sometimes they are quite similar adn difficult to tell them apart if you’re knitting by regular lamp light. Which means that even if I buy a kit now, I won’t begin knitting until we have more hours of daylight. I can’t wait!

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